Since the 1950s, the vinification and élevage of Mayacamas has remained remarkably consistent and our continued commitment to employ classical techniques and tools is integral to the character of these wines. The Mayacamas style begins with an early harvest to preserve acidity and encourage bright, vibrant flavors.

The wines see extended ageing in neutral oak vessels ranging in size from small barrels to large foudres—some in use since the 1920s. Finally, the wines are released only after further time in bottle, ensuring the elements coalesce into a complete wine.

This unwavering approach results in classically-styled, age-worthy wines. Because of the remarkable ability of these wines to continue to improve with decades of aging, we are committed to holding back a percentage of production for re-release in the future.


2015 Mayacamas

The 2015 vintage of Mayacamas Chardonnay—our team’s third making the wines—is perhaps our best effort yet. In its youthful state the wine is notably intense and focused, with the mouthwatering acidity taking center stage.

Vintage Notes

2014 Mayacamas

Mayacamas Merlot remains one of the purest expressions of the varietal produced in America today—always made with restraint to express the more serious side of the grape. The 2014 vintage, proudly made by our team, represents our re-commitment to producing a meaningful quantity of this important varietal at Mayacamas.

Vintage Notes

2010 Mayacamas

After an additional five years of elevage in our cellars, the 2010 Chardonnay is experiencing a perfect moment of both drinkability and freshness. The color remains pale and clear but the aromatics are powerful—honeysuckle, beeswax, green apple, and toasted marshmallow. The palate is multi-layered and complex—dried apricots, baked green apple, green almonds, salt air and lemon meringue support a long and complex finish. The texture is rich and broad, with an oily, mouth-coating body. We are grateful to Bob Travers and his team for leaving us stocks of this spectacular wine.

Vintage Notes


"Mayacamas Vineyards is among the classic wineries that have made California wines among the world's finest. The original stone winery is a Napa classic. The Mayacamas wines remain extraordinary...they offer a freshness almost unparalleled in Napa, along with an intensity of tannin that can invigorate fans of the valley's classic wines."

Jon Bonne

The San Francisco Chronicle

"Mayacamas Vineyards is legendary...its reputation for producing amazingly complex, long-lived wines is well-deserved...Mayacamas Cabernets are deeply colored, enormously rich and concentrated wines...these wines live up to their billing. The rewards of cellaring can be awesome. Mayacamas Cabernets are as rich, complex, and structured as any produced in California."

James Laube

of The Wine Spectator

"Mayacamas Vineyards is one of the greatest Cabernet Sauvignon producers in the history of California. For those who long for great red wines that cellar with conviction and evolve in the course of time into brilliantly complex and compelling wines, Mayacamas Vineyards remains one of the brightest stars in the constellation of California wine. It is arguably the last man standing from the glory days of California's past."

John Gilman

View from the Cellar